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Actron Tri Capacity Air Conditioning

To beat the heat here in Australia, you need a commercial air conditioning system that you can count on year-round. When it comes to dependability, quality, and affordability, ActronAir is a brand that’s hard to beat. 

The Actron Tri Capacity air conditioning system is designed for medium to large-sized commercial buildings such as offices, banks, restaurants, and cinemas. Made right here in Australia, the Actron Tri Capacity offers superior performance, energy efficiency, and control. 

For businesses, that means more comfortable buildings, bigger savings on energy costs, and easy maintenance. And because Actron Tri Capacity air conditioning systems are made in the country, they’re specially designed with our unique climate in mind. 

Control Your Comfort with Tri Capacity Technology

The Actron Tri Capacity’s unique tri-configuration gives you more control over the amount of energy your system uses. While standard two-stage systems only allow you to switch between 50% and 100% capacity, the Actron Tri Capacity lets you switch between 33%, 67%, and 100% capacity. Not only does this technology give you better control over your comfort level, it also helps to prevent drastic swings in temperature. 

The control interface itself is easy to use, allowing you to configure the Actron Tri Capacity air conditioning system to suit your ever-changing daily needs. The factory-fitted controls can also be used to monitor system operations and access key maintenance features, all with the simple touch of a button.

Improved Seasonal Energy Efficiency 

The tri-configuration of the Actron Tri Capacity also improves the system’s seasonal energy efficiency. Thanks to this technology, Actron Tri Capacity air conditioning systems are up to 32% more efficient than the minimum BCA compliant system. 

Most buildings rarely use a thermal load of 100%, so when 50% and 100% are the only two options, they’re frequently cycled back and forth. Not only does this waste valuable energy, it also puts additional stress on the air conditioning system, shortening its lifespan. 

The Actron Tri Capacity’s flexible 33%, 67%, and 100% options prevent unnecessary energy waste by requiring fewer adjustments to keep building occupants comfortable. Most commercial buildings function between 60% and 75% capacity, so the tri-configuration is the perfect air conditioning solution for these types of places. 

Installation-Friendly Design 

Actron Tri Capacity air conditioning systems are designed to make installation as easy as possible. With 32 combinations of supply and return air connections, the Actron Tri Capacity is compatible with most site ductworks. The system’s highly flexible design means lower installation costs and less time spent configuring the air conditioner before it’s up and running. 

Additional Features and Benefits 

Operating range between -10C and 50C 

Strong louvered grill protects against extreme weather 

EC fan technology

Large indoor heat exchangers 

Installing an Actron Tri Capacity air conditioning system in your mid-sized commercial building is a great way to save thousands on annual energy costs and increase your bottom line. They’re more efficient and less expensive to install than two-stage fixed speed air conditioning systems, and built to withstand Australia’s most severe weather. 

Who Is FreeFlow Air?

FreeFlow Air Conditioning are a WA based company with over 25 years of experience in the HVAC-R industry. We specialise in commercial air conditioning supply, installation, maintenance & repairs. We pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and we guarantee that all projects will be completed to an exceptionally high standard.

Our clients include Shopping Centres, Universities, Corporate Office Blocks, Construction Groups and Property Managers.

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