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At FreeFlow, we offer a variety of maintenance and repair services.

When we have installed a new HVAC system for you or are working with you for the first time, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians will help assess your HVAC system and determine the most suitable maintenance program.

This program will be established to optimize the efficiency of your unit and ensure the safety and comfort of staff and customers alike. It is also developed to help catch minor problems before they escalate and cause serious damage, allowing us to make small repairs instead of waiting until larger, more expensive repairs become necessary.

For air conditioning repairs, our team is ready to take action for you. Our team of expert technicians can diagnose a fault in an average of just 2.5 hours. Furthermore, from the moment of your call and our acceptance of the job to the repair’s completion takes us an average of just 6 hours.

When you need a repair, you need it done quickly—you can’t afford to go days before a repair tech can make it out to diagnose and fix the problem. When you call FreeFlow Air, you can know you won’t have to wait to get the problem fixed.

What Is HVAC Maintenance?

When we set up a regular maintenance plan, it is helpful for you to understand what exactly that means and why it is so important. Our maintenance plans includes:

  • Cleaning the filters: this should ideally be done every three months
  • Cleaning the coils
  • Cleaning drains
  • Checking electrical wiring
  • Checking for signs of refrigerant gas leaks
  • Making minor repairs to any coils, drains and wiring as needed

Why Have A Maintenace Program?

So why is maintenance so important?


First, as with all things, prevention is always cheaper and more efficient than fixing the problem once damage is done.

By performing regular checks on both indoor and outdoor units and looking for developing problems, we can catch issues while they are minor and easy to fix, before they cause major damage that will be expensive to repair.

These smaller repairs and checks will cost far less than major repair or replacement work. In addition to that, these regular checks and minor fixes ensure that your HVAC system is operating at its optimum efficiency. This means saving on energy bills as well.


Probably the most overlooked area when it comes to air conditioning maintenance is comfort of the people who live, work and spend time in the building.

Regardless of whether we’re talking staff, tenants, residential occupants or customers, ensuring your air conditioning systems are operating optimally is a key component of making sure people in the building are comfortable and happy. Particularly in a commercial environment, a poorly functioning aircon system makes people uncomfortable and that ultimately has a negative impact on your bottom line.

When we do our regular checks we are always more than happy to make simple airflow and air-volume adjustments to ensure the building is comfortable all year round.


As may be evident by the above, regular air conditioning maintenance also helps your HVAC system have a longer and more efficient life span. Rather than having to replace your unit, which is a very costly endeavour, especially for commercial air conditioning, you can make it last years longer simply by maintaining it.

Health (air quality)

Mould and bacteria gather on air filters, and other pollutants can enter into the system when it’s not operating at its optimum ability. Studies now show that these issues are directly linked with health issues for those living and working inside the affected building.

A poorly maintained HVAC system can lead to allowing asthma irritants into the air, and if mould and bacteria build-up are bad, they can actually contribute to instigating regular and serious illness for those living and working inside.

It is all very important to ensure adequate fresh air is coming into the building.

Building codes in Australia require a minimum of 10% outside air is drawn in from the AC and blended with the recycled air in order to prevent stale air build up where there are no windows that can be opened.

We find that buildings over 10 years old have a much higher chance of not having fresh air intakes.

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