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HVAC Asset Management 

Generally, the bigger the site, the more equipment there is; we ensure that no piece of equipment ever goes unserviced during our maintenance inspections no matter how small or difficult to find, and to ensure this, we use state of the art scanning and tracking equipment.
Our systems are aligned with the technology we have come to expect nowadays and our staff and clients love our paperless and efficient approach to HVAC asset management.

One of the key features we offer is QR code scanning and reporting for each piece of HVAC equipment. This enables each piece of HVAC equipment to be identified on all sites and locations.

QR Code Scanning

We can provide you with a complete google image view of your site with each asset (eg VAV or Exhaust fan, etc) identified; the location of these assets are accurate to within one metre. Each asset is “geo-stamped” when attached with a QR codes and a visual image is available through our app. This scanning system ensures the exact location of each HVAC equipment on site. No need for hand drawn maps or waiting for Technicians to ascertain locations and information. And gone are the days of manually signing and dating a sticker on a piece of equipment.

Each time the system is serviced or repaired, the QR code is scanned. This will update the location and status of the asset being reported on; type of service, condition, recent repair history etc. One of our other key features is our client’s ability to use an image of the Asset’s QR code and view the system details instantly. Client’s can also report any issues associated with the equipment online for instant review. From our technician’s perspective, equipment location can also be found much quicker, reducing on-site time and costs to the client.


Augmented Reality

This system has streamlined our asset management system by automatically completing digital maintenance and inspection forms against all existing assets. Assets are reviewed methodically, ensuring nothing is missed.

On larger sites, locating each asset and ensuring we’ve completed a check on each one can be a time consuming exercise. In addition to the ‘bird’s eye’ map view of asset locations, we can scan one asset’s QR Code to view and locate all others on site in Augmented Reality through the device camera.


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