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QCells Solar Solutions

Perth is no stranger to sun. Which is why many companies are taking a green step towards solar energy solutions. For those looking to increase the efficiency of a commercial or industrial site, QCells is a leading manufacturer of solar energy products.

Engineered in Germany and South Korea, QCells is a global leader in solar technology. The company has expanded with plants across the globe, streamlining the production of world-class equipment catered towards businesses. Their products have helped local industrial and commercial site owners minimize their ecological footprints, while saving money in the process.

At FreeFlow, we are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of QCells solar panels in Perth. We have partnered with this company to deliver top quality products to our clients that can add value to their businesses. From matching you to the best QCells solar panels for your specific needs, to providing seamless and fast installations, we can help you throughout every step of the process.

If you’re looking to invest in QCells solar panels, read on for some of the top reasons we are proud to partner with this brand.

Tested for Hot, Sunny Days: If you live or work in Perth, you know that we receive quite a few hot, sunny days. When it comes to solar technology, you may assume that the clearer and sunnier the day, the better. However, just like any electronics, solar panels can lose productivity if temperatures get too high.

QCells solar panels, however, are designed to be weather resistant in all climates. Their panels were tested in real weather conditions to ensure optimal performance year-round. The results revealed that on average QCells solar panels have a lower temperature coefficient rating than many of their competitors. This means QCells solar panels perform better in sunny climates, even with direct sunlight. For those living in Perth, this is feature is a huge bonus.

Designed with Industrial and Commercial Sites in Mind: Shopping for solar panels for your industrial or commercial property can be tricky if you’re working with the wrong brand. Many companies specialize solely in residential energy solutions, which can be problematic when you have a large surface area to cover.

Most residential solar panels are small by nature, as they are intended to fit on a residential roof. At QCells, however, they offer products that are specifically designed with industrial and commercial sites in mind. This includes oversized panels that can cover a greater surface area and maximize conversion from the sun.

These panels can also be much more cost-effective, minimizing the number of panels you need.

Use Nature to Power Your Property with QCells

With QCells solar panels, the sun can be your most valuable natural resource. If you’re ready to invest in greener energy for your commercial or industrial site, contact us today! We are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of QCells solar panels in Perth, in addition to a variety of other industry leading brands.

With over 25 years of experience in the area, we look forward to matching you with the energy solutions you need for success.

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