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Bonaire Air Conditioning

Bonaire Air Conditioning is one of Australia’s most trusted air conditioning brands. Bringing state-of-the-art heating and cooling with unmatched efficiency to your home, Bonaire is an air conditioning provider that we know we can trust.

With incredible options for Bonaire Air Conditioning, we trust Bonaire with the homes and businesses of our clients – which is saying a lot! Bonaire offers an advanced range of whole home cooling and heating solutions, catered to fit with the modern Australia lifestyle. With proven technology, they offer user-friendly, intelligent air conditioning systems that are designed to maximize your home’s energy efficiency and as a result, reduce their cost of operation. This means that it cools your home better, while costing you less, than other manufacturers available in today’s market!

State-of-the-Art Quality

At Bonaire, it is clear that their company places supreme importance on continuous improvement on the design of their products. They engineer and manufacture their units using premium materials, resulting in a durable system that has been tested for quality before leaving their premises.

Australian Made and Owned

Bonaire’s air conditioning units are Australian made and owned. This proud Australian company holds the county’s values and interests close at heart. With world-class manufacturing facilities right here in Australia, you can rest assured that their products are made with you in mind.


Bonaire has been a leading air conditioning manufacturer in Australia, providing homes like yours with both cooling and heating solutions, for more than 60 years. The privately owned Australian company is dedicated to creating world-class units, and with their years of experience in the industry to back everything they do, they have accomplished just that!


Bonaire doesn’t stop at keeping Australian residences cool and comfortable. Offering both residential and commercial heating and cooling solutions, Bonaire has systems designed for functionality and purpose! If you are a business owner in Perth in search of a commercial air conditioning solution, Bonaire is a choice that you can trust to serve you, your employees, and your clients well. Regardless of the industry you are in, Bonaire is a trusted option for commercial air conditioning!

Energy Efficiency

Bonaire has always strived to create cooling systems that maximize energy efficiency. As a result, by installing a Bonaire unit in your home or commercial property, you can reduce your operating costs while still attaining consistent and effective cooling measures.


If we only had one word to describe a Bonaire air conditioning system, it would certainly be “reliable.” Because they are built with precision, high-quality materials, and years of experience to back their design, they are made to serve a home or other building well. They won’t break down easily, and you can rely on them in the cold and warm months alike to get the job done right!

The Bottom Line

At Free Flow Air, we proudly offer Bonaire air conditioning Perth solutions to our clients. We believe in high-quality systems that will serve our clients well and stand the test of time. We have high standards, and Bonaire has certainly met and even exceeded them. To get started installing a Bonaire system in your home today, get in touch with us, and we can answer any questions you might have!


Who Is FreeFlow Air?

FreeFlow Air Conditioning are a WA based company with over 25 years of experience in the HVAC-R industry. We specialise in commercial air conditioning supply, installation, maintenance & repairs. We pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and we guarantee that all projects will be completed to an exceptionally high standard.

Our clients include Shopping Centres, Universities, Corporate Office Blocks, Construction Groups and Property Managers.

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