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Solar, LED Lighting & Embedded Network Metering


To run a commercial building or complex requires an enormous amount of energy and a large financial commitment. Just to power the lights and the HVAC systems alone can prove to be an astronomical cost that sucks up much of your business’ revenue.

That is why at FreeFlow, we have partnered with Perth’s leading solar energy experts to expand our services and provide intelligent energy solutions for you business.

Solar panels are the way of the future, providing both economical and eco-friendly energy alternatives. When you finish learning about their energy and earth saving power, as well as Perth’s ideal climate for them, you’ll be begging for us to come install your business’ own energy farm.


Why Solar Panels?

There is an incredible array of benefits for business owners in Perth to install these forward-thinking devices.

  • Perth’s Ideal Climate: Perth gets more than 250 days a year of sunshine. In fact, annually the area averages over 5 and a half hours of peak sunshine every square meter every day.
    With that kind of sunshine as fuel, Perth is the ideal location for seriously effective systems, and the larger area the system covers, the more energy it can create.
  • Green Energy: Their use reduces greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on non-renewable and dirty fossil fuels and can help businesses hit green energy targets.
    Additionally, they have a small foot print, especially when installed on the roof tops of pre-existing buildings.
    In today’s competitive commercial environment, a business that is seen as “green” often has a marketing advantage over competitors.
  • ROI and Cost Savings: they are also very energy efficient and an investment with guaranteed ROI. Not only will you be paying significantly less to power your building(s), the system will essentially pay for itself within 3 years’ time.
    Not only will you be helping the planet, you will be helping your bottom line too.
  • Government Incentives: a final but huge perk is that the federal government is ready and waiting to help you make the switch to solar energy. They offer numerous incentives to help businesses install solar panel systems up to 100kW as a result of the Renewable Energy Target scheme.
    These incentives include some pretty serious discounts that help with the up-front cost. Some of the discounts available in Perth can cover as much as 30% of the initial cost to install the system! Talk about savings!


Our Solar Panel Offerings & Services

With all of the incredible financial and environmental benefits these systems offer, we know we would have to be crazy not to provide them for our clients.

But what makes FreeFlow’s solar panel energy farms even better than the average system? We equip ours with the very latest battery and inverter technologies to store and convert the energy.

While many solar panel systems result in solar energy waste because there is nothing to store the excess energy for use when the sun isn’t shining, our energy farms use the very best batteries and inverters to capture and convert extra energy. This means no waste as well as a stored energy supply for when the sun isn’t shining as much.

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Average savings with Solar

LED Lighting

LED lighting is a technology that is proven to be more efficient than conventional lighting and can easily save you 50% and often more on your lighting bills.

Savings aside, LED lighting is generally better than conventional fluorescent lighting in all aspects:

LED lighting can turn on immediately without the need for warming up.

Conventional lighting solutions are negatively affected by frequently switching on and off such as a reduction in their life spans, something that LED lighting does not need to worry about.

Reduced maintenance costs and longer lifespan. 

Healthier light and less eye strain as LED lighting emits no UV or infrared light. This in turn contributes to more productive staff.

End to End Solutions

LED lights are suitable for both new buildings and because LED lighting is usually plug-and-play, we can replace your existing incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting without the need to replace you existing fittings and housings.

We have full control of the entire manufacturing process and delivery service. We are capable of providing custom products due to our engineering teams wealth of experience, and deliver our quality products at a very competitive price as we cut out the “middle man” and supply to you direct.

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Average savings with LED Lighting

Network Metering

The future benefit of an embedded network is the profit made from on sale of energy. In residential buildings this profit can offset Strata fees or be placed into a sinking fund for future use. As a total metering solutions provider, we offer a complete program of expert metering services for new buildings, as well as products and systems to upgrade existing metering in the retrofit market.

System Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art EGP Monitoring System ensures that our clients have full access to live data, highlighting faults, failures and underperformance, whilst diagnosing issues as and when they occur. Our clients also enjoy a full 5-year system warranty on all systems, providing peace of mind knowing that your solar energy system is in good hands.

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