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Daikin Air Conditioning

At Free Flow Air, we proudly carry products from Daikin to offer to our clients. The Daikin brand is among the premium brands in the air conditioning industry. While Daikin products come with a higher price tag, they justify it with advanced features, performance, and capabilities that set them apart from the lower-quality competition.

Daikin air conditioning systems are well-built, and it takes a lot for them to break down. At Free Flow Air, we proudly recommend Daikin’s products to our customers. We believe they meet our very high standards for quality, so we trust them to serve our customers, their homes, and their commercial properties well. Here are some of the reasons we believe that products from Daikin air conditioning in Perth offer peace of mind.

Tried and True

Daikin products are, without question, tried and true. After decades of perfecting their craft, today, they produce top-of-the-line air conditioning products for both commercial and residential use. Daikin has been in business the 1930s and is dedicated to creating improved environments and quality of life for their users through exemplary cooling and heating systems. 

Up to the Task

You can’t deny that an air conditioner is essential to living comfortably, especially when battling the harsh climate of Australia. Even in the coldest days of winter, and especially in the sweltering months of summer, having an air conditioning unit by your side that you can rely on ensures year-round comfort – and that’s what Daikin provides to all its users!

Sensitive Choice Approved

Daikin’s split system air conditioning systems have been approved by Australia’s National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program. They are the only split systems that proudly bear the symbol of the blue butterfly!

Quiet Operation

There are few things more annoying than a noisy air conditioner, loudly roaring to life when the temperature rises in your home. Daikin knows that a good air conditioner goes beyond keeping your home cool and comfortable – that’s why they make sure all their units feature quiet operation. Some models even feature a Night Quiet mode, so you can say goodbye to being roused awake in the dead of night by your air conditioner operating.

Energy Efficiency

Daikin’s air conditioning systems offer advanced technology, allowing your system to adjust the power the unit uses in accordance to what you need throughout the day. The result? Your unit will operate more economically than many of the other air conditioners on the market, without you needing to lift a finger!

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a new air conditioning system, whether for a home or commercial building, we proudly recommend Daikin for your air conditioning needs! To take the first step to keeping your Perth building cool and comfortable year-round, get in touch with us today with any questions you might have!

Who Is FreeFlow Air?

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