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Has Your Ducted Airconditioning System Ever Broken Down In Hot Weather?

Have you ever been sitting in your home experiencing a nice comfortable home, air conditioning running and the unit breaks down and your home becomes a sweatbox?
Would you like to know how to fix this problem?

Well your air conditioner has safety mechanisms that cut in when the coil on the back of your outdoor condenser gets to hot. The pressure builds up in your system and your unit cuts off on high head pressure.

So some simple things you can do to help prevent this occurring are the following.
The first thing is to make sure there is shade over your air conditioner, while still not restricting the airflow around the unit.

Now, if your system still cuts out you can get a sprinkler and spray a fine mist over the back of your coil on the outside unit. This will reduce the pressures in the system and allow the system to keep running.

This is a really handy trick when its Christmas day and 40 degrees and your unit cuts out. If your unit breaks down do the following:

Just wait 20 minutes, then use your sprinkler to spray water on the COIL at the back of your air conditioner. In most cases this will then allow you to have a nice Christmas Day and keep your cool.